COVID-19 Update: Our website offers seamless ordering anytime, and with the exception of business critical personnel, the majority of our customer service, call center sales staff marketing and related support are officially connected and working from home as of Monday, March 30, 2020. Like most fulfillment centers, you’ll likely experience some delays in shipping, as our Warehouse team is running at reduced capacity. We are continuing to take extra precautions with additional cleaning and sanitization in our fulfillment center. With the new government guidelines in place, we hope to be back to normal sometime in May. For additional details, click here. Show More… Show Less…
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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions Overview

About Ordering

Frequent Buyer Points Questions

Q: How do I check my Frequent Buyer Points total?
A: You can sign in to see how many points you've accumulated. Points will be displayed under our Loyalty Program in your account. You can also call 800.243.8355 and ask a customer representative about your points total.
Q: How do I apply my frequent buyer points?
A: Frequent Buyer Points can be redeemed online through the checkout process. Simply shop through our online store and when you're ready to check out there will be an option on the payment method page to redeem Frequent Buyer Points. You can also Call 800.243.8355 and ask a customer representative about using your points, or visit our Showroom when you're ready to place an order.

Credits and Refunds Question

Q: How do I add an existing credit to this order?
A: Each order is screened for such issues prior to shipping. Simply write in the comments section: "Please apply credit to order". Include the credit number if available. Otherwise, we'll locate the credit number and apply the amount of credit due you.

Return a product, damaged shipments

Q: How do I return an incorrect or damaged item sent to me?
A: Call 800.243.8355 during normal business hours. We will supply you with a return authorization number, shipping tag, and do whatever necessary to correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

Deleting an Item from Shopping Cart

Q: How do I remove an item or change the quantity of an item from my shopping cart?
A: To delete, click the delete item button (wastebasket icon in Qty column). To change the quantity, enter the new desired quantity in the Qty box and it will update automatically.

Order Confirmation: How do I check?

Q: I did not receive an order confirmation, how do I find out if my order went through?
A: An automated email is generated to the email address you supplied when you placed your order. Within 24 hours, you should also receive a confirmation of shipment. You can check your order(s) online at If you do not receive either of the confirmation emails, please call 800.243.8355 and a customer representative will assist you.

Getting a catalog

Q: How long does it take to get a catalog in the mail?
A: It takes approximately 2-4 weeks when shipped via standard mail within the U.S. Outside the U.S. it can take up to 6 weeks. If you need a catalog right away, call 800.243.8355 during normal business hours and we will send your catalog via overnight shipping (additional fee applies).

How to save/cancel orders?

Q: How do I save an order to purchase at a later date?
A: We recommend keeping your parts saved using our Wish List feature, or print the order page before logging out.
Q: I canceled an order, but it still shows up on the web site, how do I know it's canceled?
A: Our website maintains every order, regardless of the status. You'll notice a comment at the top "this order has been canceled" to let you know the order was not processed.

About Shipping

$249 Free Shipping?

Q: Does your $249 free ground shipping offer cover all your products?
A: In brief, no it does not. Additional fees apply to oversized/overweight items. Offer only applies to orders within the contiguous U.S. Please refer to the Free Shipping webpage that describes the policy in detail for complete information.

Shipping Options

Q: What shipping company do you use?
A: Most of our merchandise is shipped throughout North America via FedEx Ground, however, we use multiple shipping partners (including USPS) in an effort to provide cost effective shipping services.

Want shipped to alternate address

Q: This is my 1st order, why wont OPGI let me ship to an alternate address?
A: This is to safeguard you from credit card fraud. A simple way to have your order shipped to an alternate address would be to call your credit card company prior to placing your order and add the alternate address to the credit card being used. If you are using PayPal, you can ship to an alternate address regardless of your purchase history with OPGI.

Shipping Charges

Q: Why is there an Insurance fee?
A: The small insurance fee ensures that your entire order and any backordered shipments associated with that invoice will be covered with handling and packaging insurance in case of damage or loss during transit. A one-time charge will be applied to your new order.

Shipping Charges: International Customers

Q: I am international customer, how to I receive a shipping quote?
A: You can call us at 562.594.1000, or email: You can also write in the Comments section (when you check out) "Please email shipping quote before placing order."

Processing my order: How long does it take?

Q: How long does it take to receive/process an order?
A: We guarantee that your order will be processed the same day it is received (if placed before 11:30 am, weekdays.) Web orders placed on weekends (after 11:30 am, Friday through Sunday) will be processed the following Monday morning. Normally, orders for in-stock merchandise placed before 11:30 am are shipped the same day, or within 2 business days. All times Pacific Standard.

Oversized Item Question: One charge per invoice?

Q: If I have more than one Over Size item on an order how many times do I pay the Over Size Charge?
A: The website will display a full freight charge for each oversized item, however, every order is pre-screened prior to shipping. We make every attempt to consolidate each shipment. If two oversized products can ship in a single oversize box, we will discount the freight. (Freight charge changes are a frequent occurrence.) The updated freight charge will be displayed in your order confirmation email, as well as your paper invoice.


Promotions and Volume Discounts

Q: There was no section to enter in a promotion code, how do I know I'm receiving sale pricing?
A: You may enter a promotion code on OPGI's shopping cart page, just above the "Proceed to Checkout" button. The discount offered by the code will be reflected in your new Total.
Q: Are there Volume Discounts during a period where there is another promotion already offered?
A: Unless otherwise stated, we do not allow two promotions (or more) at once. If you place your order by phone, we'll assist and present you with the best deal, if there is a choice.

Back Orders

Q: Does OPGI Web Site track backorders?
A: You can review your transaction history and see any pending backordered items in the "Ship Status" column. You can then look up the ETA for each item by navigating to the respective product detail pages. You may also call us at 800.243.8355 for up-to-the minute information on any backorders you may have.
Q: Will my back orders be shipped in exactly 30 days?
A: Many items in our comprehensive inventory move quickly, and rarely are we out of stock on any items for any length of time. Typically, products that are out of stock at the time you place your original order are back in stock within 10 days or less. OPGI's sophisticated back order tracking system automatically processes any items due to you the moment they become available. Back order items normally take as little as a few days to receive, but can sometimes take longer. For an estimated time of arrival, please call our customer service department at 800.243.8355.