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    CARB Regulations

    Carb & Emissions

    Restrictions Information

    Carb Regulations Overview

    Exemptions for Uncontrolled Vehicles

    Vehicles that were manufactured before emission control regulations took effect are called uncontrolled vehicles. Aftermarket parts regulations and anti-tampering laws do not apply to these vehicles. Uncontrolled vehicles may have any aftermarket add-on or modified part installed as long as the vehicle can still meet the tailpipe emission standards for the year of the vehicle. Uncontrolled vehicles must retain any original or retrofit crankcase control (PCV) devices and NOx device required for the year of the vehicle.

    The following vehicles are considered uncontrolled vehicles:

    • 1965 and Older : U.S. Manufactured California Certified Vehicles
    • 1967 and Older: U.S. Manufactured Federally Certified Vehicles
    • 1967 and Older: Foreign Manufactured Vehicles

    Aftermarket Parts that may require and EO Number

    Cleaners, Cams, Carburetors, Catalytic Converters, Coils & Ignition Wires, Computer Chips, Electronic Ignitions, Distributors, Fuel Injection, Fuel Tanks, Headers, Intake Manifolds, Internal Engine Parts, Replacement Engines