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    Light Bulb radio light #1893 Fits El Camino+ 16 other models

    Retail Price $5.95 You Save 16%
    OPGI Price$4.99
    Part# GPE0043
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    available for immediate delivery

    • Aftermarket product, usually an enhancement product.
    • Find in OPGI's 2018 El Camino Catalog page 83.
    California Prop 65 Icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, sulfur, nickel, chromium, vanadium, titanium, polyvinyl chloride, and 4,4’-methylenebis (2-chloroaniline), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Vehicle Fitment

    Make & ModelYear RangeApplication Details
    Buick Grand NationalAll Years Radio Light #1893
    Buick RegalAll Years Radio Light #1893
    Buick Riviera1963-1964 #1893
    Buick Riviera1963-1975 #1893
    Buick Riviera1966-1968 #1893
    Buick Riviera1968-1969 #1893
    Buick Riviera1968-1973 #1893
    Buick Riviera1971 #1893
    Buick Riviera1972-1975 #1893
    Buick SkylarkAll Years L1893
    Buick Skylark1962 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1963 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1964 Automatic Transmission Indicator
    Buick Skylark1964 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1964 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1965 Automatic Transmission Indicator
    Buick Skylark1965 Clock
    Buick Skylark1965 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1965 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1966 Automatic Transmission Indicator
    Buick Skylark1966 Clock
    Buick Skylark1966 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1966 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1967 Automatic Transmission Indicator
    Buick Skylark1967 Clock
    Buick Skylark1967 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1967 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1968 Automatic Transmission Indicator
    Buick Skylark1968 Clock
    Buick Skylark1968 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1968 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1969 Clock
    Buick Skylark1969 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1969 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1970 Clock
    Buick Skylark1970 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1970 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1971 Clock
    Buick Skylark1971 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1971 Radio Dial
    Buick Skylark1972 Clock
    Buick Skylark1972 Glove Box
    Buick Skylark1972 Radio Dial
    Buick T-TypeAll Years Radio Light #1893
    Chevrolet Chevelle1971 Glove Box Light Bulb #1893/#1891
    Chevrolet Chevelle1971-1972 # 1893
    Chevrolet Chevelle1971-1972 #1893
    Chevrolet Chevelle1972 Glove Box Light Bulb #1893/#1891
    Chevrolet Corvair1960-1969 #1893, Radio Dial - Corvair
    Chevrolet Corvair1961-1965 #1893, Radio Dial - Forward Control
    Chevrolet El CaminoAll Years Radio Light #1893
    Chevrolet El Camino1971 Glove Box Light Bulb #1893/#1891
    Chevrolet El Camino1971-1972 # 1893
    Chevrolet El Camino1971-1972 #1893
    Chevrolet El Camino1972 Glove Box Light Bulb #1893/#1891
    Chevrolet MalibuAll Years Radio Light #1893
    Chevrolet Monte CarloAll Years Radio Light #1893
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo1970 # 1893
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo1970 #1893
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo1972 # 1893
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo1972 #1893
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo1974-1976 # 1893
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo1974-1976 #1893
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/442All Years L1893
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421964 Clock Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421964 Glove Box Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421964 Radio Dial Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421965 Radio Dial Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421966 Radio Dial Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421967 Radio Dial Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421968 Clock Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421968 Radio Dial Light
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421969 Clock
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421969 Glove Box
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421969 Radio Dial
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421970 Clock
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421972 Clock
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421972 Radio Dial
    Oldsmobile Cutlass/4421972 Step/Courtesy Light
    Pontiac Bonneville1968 #1893
    Pontiac Bonneville1972-1977 #1893
    Pontiac Bonneville1976 #1893, Bonneville
    Pontiac Catalina1968 #1893
    Pontiac Catalina1972-1977 #1893
    Pontiac Catalina1976 #1893, Bonneville
    Pontiac Grand Prix1968 #1893
    Pontiac Grand Prix1972 #1893, Grand Prix
    Pontiac Grand Prix1972-1977 #1893
    Pontiac GTOAll Years L1893
    Pontiac GTO1966 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac GTO1967 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac GTO1968 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac GTO1969 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac GTO1970 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac GTO1971 Glove Box Light Bulb
    Pontiac GTO1972 Glove Box Light Bulb
    Pontiac LeMansAll Years L1893
    Pontiac LeMans1966 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac LeMans1967 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac LeMans1968 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac LeMans1969 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac LeMans1970 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac LeMans1971 Glove Box Light Bulb
    Pontiac LeMans1972 Glove Box Light Bulb
    Pontiac TempestAll Years L1893
    Pontiac Tempest1966 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac Tempest1967 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac Tempest1968 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac Tempest1969 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac Tempest1970 Radio Dial Bulb
    Pontiac Tempest1971 Glove Box Light Bulb
    Pontiac Tempest1972 Glove Box Light Bulb

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