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Kit Swap Savings

Need a kit, but not everything in the kit?

Kit Swap Savings Overview

Kit Swap Savings

Need a kit, but not everything in the kit? Why get what you don't need? Why pay more?

You'll get discounted Interior kit pricing, and YOU choose what you need, and STILL get the discount on all the original kit items! Want a Stage III Kit but don't need every component? Want a different color combination than what is offered? Yes you can! What about adding items to create your own discounted kit? You can do it! We'll let you create the discounted kit you want by dropping some items and adding others! It's easy, and saves loads of $$$! Start with a kit in our catalog that you like, then call us and we'll modify most kits or sets to your satisfaction.

  • Change out items on the fly and retain the KIT discount on the remaining products (for example, get premium Essex Carpet instead of Standard 80/20)
  • Delete items off of the kit that you don't need. Why pay for what you don't use? And we'll still honor the discount on the remaining items
  • Add items to a kit, and retain the discount on the remaining items
  • We'll do the math! It's that simple, save, save save!
  • For assistance in using Kit-Swap-Savings, please call our sales desk during regular business hours.

We want you to have the most convenient and cost-saving experience when you shop OPGI. This Kit Swap is a special service that we have recently implemented to serve you better and insure that you get the best pricing, because you are our most important asset!

NOTE: To take advantage of Kit Swap Savings, the final Kit components you buy must retain 70% of the dollar value of a discounted kit. Call for details.