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    The History of OPGI

    From Garage to 130,000 ft2

    History Timeline

    1. company


    2. The Beginning


    3. GM's Decision


    4. 1st Move


    5. Product line grows


    6. 1st Official Site


    7. Our Focus


    8. Continued Growth


    9. New Product Lines


    10. New Experiences


    11. Relocation


    12. name changed


    13. website launced


    14. Company Grows


    15. Largest Location


    16. New Line:Cadillac


    17. Buick Riviera Added


    18. Pontiac Line Grows


    19. Restoparts Revealed


    20. ARMO Award


    21. Buick line expanded


    22. 35th Anniversary


    23. 2nd ARMO Award


    1. Celebrating 35 years of manufacturing and retailing the highest quality restoration parts and accessories for classic GM brand cars, Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI) offers the widest selection and best service on everything from interior and body parts to engine parts, sheet metal, bright trim and everything in between. Our company mission: To offer the finest reproduction parts and accerrories for GM "A Body" and "G Body" vehicles avaliable anywhere.

    2. November 1982

      2 Car Garage Santa Ana, CA
      Dave Leonard(OPGI President and Founder), starts a new enterprise under the name "Chevelle Classics" in order to supply classic Chevelle and El Camino parts to GM enthusiasts and restoration facilities.

    3. June 1983

      GM's evaluation of the demand for spare parts for out-of-production vehicles causes the manufacturer to discontinue maintaining its dwindling stock of new old school (NOS) parts for nearly all of the most popular classic GM cars.

    4. September 1983

      2.5 Car Garage Garden Grove, CA
      Chevelle Classics relocates and expands to larger quarters as the demand for GM classic restoration parts continues to grow.

    5. February 1985

      Chevelle Classics' product line expands to over 5,000 parts and accessories specifically designed for GM "A Body" cars.

    6. February 1985

      1200 ft2 Anaheim, CA
      Chevelle Classics expands into its 3rd location and first warehouse large enough to house an enormous cache of GM parts and accessories.

    7. June 1986

      Chevelle Classics' investment into manufacturing continues as company's #1 goal and focus becomes producing the largest selection of reproduction parts for GM "A Body" enthusiasts.

    8. June 1986

      2500 ft2 Anaheim, CA
      The company relocates and expands once again as the 4th new location is acquired and the product line continues to expand across the entire GM "A Body" catalog.

    9. January 1987

      Chevelle Classics adds new product lines for Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick with expansion into GTO, Cutlass, and Skylark parts and accessories. Now offering many "restoration industry firsts" including injection molded interior parts, aluminum and chrome moldings, and bright trim for every GM "A Body" vehicle.

    10. January 1987

      7,000 ft2 Huntington Beach, CA
      Sales triple, staff expands to 20+ employees and operations are formalized. Chevelle Classics becomes an early adopter of network computing/digital technology to serve its customers better.

    11. June 1990

      16,000 ft2 Huntington Beach, CA
      Chevelle Classics relocates into its 6th location as the product line expands to over 20,000 different restoration and high-performance parts.

    12. June 1990

      The Chevelle Classics name is officially changed to Original Parts Group, Inc. Now offering the largest selection of in-stock classic GM restoration parts in the US.

    13. December 1998

      OPGI enters the world of digital marketing with the launch of, a full service retail website offering the highest quality restoration parts and accessories for classic GM "A Body" and "G Body" cars.

    14. December 2003

      54,000 ft2 Huntington Beach, CA
      OPGI relocates to its 7th location housing 50+ employees across from Boeing's World Headquarters on Bolsa Avenue in Huntington Beach, CA.

    15. February 2008

      105,000 ft2+ 25k ft2 Mezzanine in Seal Beach, CA
      OPGI relocates to its 8th and largest location. The new facility expands to 100+ employees and over 50,000+ products & accessories in stock. Mezzanine will eventually allow expansion of floor space to 250,000 ft2 when completed.

    16. January 2009

      OPGI adds a new product line to address the needs of classic Cadillac enthusiasts with the introduction of restoration parts and accessories designed specifically for all 1954-76 Cadillac models.

    17. January 2010

      OPGI introduces a new product line for the 1963-76 Buick Riviera. Once again, OPGI meets the needs of classic GM vehicle fans with new, high-quality reporductions of previously impossible-to-find Riviera parts and accessories.

    18. January 2011

      OPGI introduces Pontiac Grand Prix, Bonneville & Catalina product lines to its ever-expanding catalog of restoration and high-performance parts for the most popular classic GM cars. From interior and body parts to engine parts, sheet metal, bright trim and everything in between, OPGI offers the widest selection on the highest-quality parts for Pontiac restoration projects.

    19. November 2015

      OPGI announces the launch of the RESTOPARTS® brand of OPGI-manufactured parts at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. RESTOPARTS is OPGI's proprietary line of ultra-high quality GM restoration parts specifically engineered to meet the growing demands of the automotive restoration market.

    20. November 2015

      OPGI wins the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) 2015 Business of the Year Award at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. The ARMO Award is presented annually to one company who demonstrated exceptional contributions to the restoration industry and sought to make a difference and improve the automotive hobby and industry during the prior year. Dave Leonard, OPGI President and Founder, said "We are honored to be the proud recipient of the ARMO Award. Not only does this award recognize OPGI's many contributions to the restoration industry, it also highlights the important role our company plays within the industry as well."

    21. March 2016

      OPGI introduces Buick Grand National, T-Type, and Regal product line covering vehicles from 1982 to 1987. Built on GM's "A Body" and "G Body" lines for nearly a full decade, the 3.8L Turbocharged V-6 engine pushed these popular Buicks to new levels of performance.

    22. 2017

      OPGI celebrates its 35th consecutive year in the business of manufacturing and supplying reproduction parts and accessories for GM "A Body" and "G Body" vehicles. OPGI strives to meet the growing demands of the automotive restoration market with outstanding service on factory accurate reproduction parts that meet or exceed all OEM specifications.

    23. November 2017

      Once again, Original Parts Group had the honor of accepting ARMO's coveted Business of the Year award at the 2017 SEMA Show. ARMO, which stands for Automotive Restoration Market Organization, is a council of the Specialty Equipment Market Association, better known as SEMA. Each year the award is presented to the company that has demonstrated exceptional service, integrity and business ethics, as well as made a commendable contribution to the restoration industry.