Have You Heard About Our Frequent Buyer Awards?

Have You Heard About Our Frequent Buyer Awards?OPGI Frequent Buyer Awards is our way of rewarding repeat customers with discounts on the parts and products they love and is our way of saying, “thanks” in return. With OPGI Frequent Buyer Awards, there’s no paperwork, no forms to fill out, or membership fees. Ready to start saving even more? You might already have!

1.      Where To Start

If you’ve ever made a purchase or requested a catalog in your name then you are enrolled in the OPGI Frequent Buyer Awards program. Whether you’ve made a purchase online, in-store, over the phone, by fax or mailed it in, we have you in our system and you’re now ready to start earning and using your points!

2.      Accruing Points

Once you’ve placed your first order, you will receive a Frequent Buyer Number—customer number—which will be used in future purchases to keep track of and apply your points. Every dollar you spend with OPGI is equal to one point (excludes crate engines), regardless if the merchandise is on sale or discounted. Every purchase you make will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount and point calculations will exclude freight/shipping charges, insurance and tax.

3.      Using Your Points

Frequent Buyer Points are redeemable 72 hours after your first purchase is invoiced and the order has been accepted. Our system tracks these points automatically so there is no guesswork when it comes time to apply them. Simply request their usage upon placement of any future purchase and a discount will be applied to your order. And, best of all, any remaining points you have will remain valid for your next purchase with OPGI. Please note, however, that in order for your points to stay active, you must make one purchase per year. It’s that simple!

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