Month: September 2013

The Other California Car Museum

Back in June, this blog featured a post titled “Classic Car History Lessons” wherein we looked at some of the different car museums, manufacturer displays and other historical vehicle venues that would make sensible road trip destinations for fans of

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Buying Classic Cars at Auction

Most classic car enthusiasts are familiar with the televised car auctions like the Barrett-Jackson and Mecum events that are held in larger cities across the country. Although many classic and vintage vehicles are sold successfully each year at the high

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Must Have Chevelle Interior Restoration Accessory for Under $100

Even if you have already invested a lot of time and money into the exterior and interior appearance of your classic Chevelle, you might not have given much thought to those areas in between where the door sill plates reside.

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If it’s Worth Collecting – it’s Worth Protecting

Auto theft is still a big problem in the U.S. even though advancements in modern technology have made it more difficult to steal a vehicle and easier to track down both the vehicle and the person who stole it. The

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What’s Your Car Worth?

When buying or selling a classic car, determining the fair market value is always an issue because the values can vary so greatly. Classic cars that are no longer in production are valued by calculating so many different factors that

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