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Here’s One of the Best Tools For Your Project

If you’re building a project or just working on the one you’ve already built, what could be more indispensable than tools to work with? How about a personal guide that knows every square inch of your car and can show

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OPG’s Project Corvair Spyder Is Rusty, Wrecked, and Restoration Ready

Our East Coast customers are the best, and they have it harder than the rest of us who restore old cars. Why? Take a look at the images of our stripped 1964 Corvair Spyder convertible to see what we mean.

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OPGI’s 5 Top Tech Tips: Weatherstripping

Everyone knows that new weatherstripping can tighten up the fit and sealing of a vehicle’s doors, windows and trunk (and more) to make the overall driving experience quieter, cleaner and more comfortable. What fewer people seem to recognize is just

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OPGI’s Top 5 Tech Tips: Sheet Metal Installation

It’s a pretty good bet that when you restore a vehicle, no matter the make, sheet metal work will be in your future. It’s becoming pretty rare to find a classic car out there that is rust free or in

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OPGI’s Top 5 Tech Tips: Cooling System

The cooling system is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It requires regular inspection and maintenance of all the components to ensure optimum performance. At heart of the cooling system is the radiator. This wonderful invention is

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OPGI’s Top 5 Tech Tips: Moldings

Bright and shiny new moldings will obviously improve the appearance of any car that they are installed on. In order to look their best however, molding components must absolutely be installed correctly. Installing new moldings is never a quick, snap-together procedure, and the

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Decoding General Motors Body Style Designations

*Back by popular demand: This article is a re-post from May of 2013. It seems that some of our readers are confused by General Motors’ use of alphabetic codes to designate the many different GM vehicle “families,” so we thought

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