Here’s One of the Best Tools For Your Project

If you’re building a project or just working on the one you’ve already built, what could be more indispensable than tools to work with? How about a personal guide that knows every square inch of your car and can show you where everything is and how it all goes together. Service manuals—those big books used in dealerships in the day are those guides, and you’d be almost crazy not to own one for every car you have. The problem is they can be hard to find, and if you find the one you need they can be expensive.

OPGI has a simple solution—we have most every service manual, factory assembly manual and parts manual you need. Some are available as CDs, while others are authentic reproductions of every page of every manual for the lines of GM cars we manufacture parts for. These invaluable reference manuals cover detailed drawings, photos and schematics breaking down all of these components in your car and how they all fit together. Diagnostics, installation sequence, and parts numbers are also part of many of these manuals.
If you’re just starting a project these are invaluable for familiarizing yourself with your car and help you discover what’s missing or was never put back somewhere in your car’s deep, dark past. Really, you can’t be without it. Check out any of OPGI’s catalogs to find specific manuals for your project, or go to our website to see the vast selection of service, chassis, parts and body manuals. We also probably stock reproductions of your owner’s manual, sales brochures, and wiring diagrams too.


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2 comments on “Here’s One of the Best Tools For Your Project
  1. Harold Beaton says:

    Does any one carry the auto shifter lever for a 1966 pontiac grand prix,the engagement part ,black plastic piece with a chrome buttom threaded piece on top.When you push down on the buttom it releases the lever.

    • Natallie Loukas says:

      Hello Harold,

      Thank you for contacting OPGI with your product inquiry. After review of the printed catalog and the website at we have been unable to locate the item you have mentioned. A call to sales may be helpful for further discussion on this.

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