God Bless America – Robert Luzcun’s Tribute El Camino

In the U.S., Chevy’s El Camino was the most successful at blending a passenger-car platform with the utility of a truck’s cargo bed. It was in production from 1964 through 1987, but its popularity continues today. So much so that one artist, Bob Luczun, decided that a 1986 El Camino would be the perfect car to turn into a tribute to the history of the United States. At 69 years old, Luczun began to hand paint iconic moments throughout U.S. history all over his El Camino, finishing at age 72.  Luczun said, “The El Camino was perfect for my needs as an artist. The car will now live on forever, representing the history of the United States of America.”

Learn more about the history of El Caminos here!

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