Back In Stock Items for Chevelle & El Camino

We all know how frustrating it can be when a part that you need for your project is on back order, which is why OPGI is happy to announce that some of our most popular parts are back in stock!

First, we have our 1966-67 Chevelle left and right rear quarter patch panels – sold individually, or as a convenient pair. These stamped steel panels are a direct replacement for the lower rear quarter panel and wheel well area. Our panels are manufactured using heavy-gauge steel for superior strength and rigidity. Each panel features the factory-correct curves and contours for an excellent fit and appearance.

Shop 1966-67 Chevelle Patch panels here

Another part that commonly needs replacing are the panels that cover the area above the rear quarter wheel well. These are often rusted out beyond repair. Good news, these are back in stock as well and fit all 1970-72 Chevelle models. These can also be purchased separately or as a pair.

Shop 1970-72 Chevelle Wheel Opening Patch Panels here

Full door replacements are often sought after items for those whose door may be too damaged to restore. Our full replacement doors are back in stock and include the outer door skin welded to the inner door sheet metal, just like GM did years ago. The whole unit is EDP- (electro deposit plating) coated, making it impervious to rust and other forms of corrosion. This piece is ready to bolt directly up to your existing hinges. Doors fit all 1970-72 Chevelle models.

Shop 1970-72 Chevelle Door Shells here

Last but not least we have our park lamp assembly kits for 1965 Chevelle and El Caminos. These park lamp reproductions are made from high quality injection-molded plastic and include the original GUIDE and SAE embossed lettering. These complete assemblies include the amber lens, housing, harness, bulb and are offered for left, right or pair.

Shop 1965 Chevelle & El Camino Park Lamp Assemblies here

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3 comments on “Back In Stock Items for Chevelle & El Camino
  1. Martindiema says:

    Hi All im noob here. Good art! Thx! Love your stories!

  2. Beverly says:

    Looking for bed rails for a 1986 El Camino for my hubby. Do you carry them?

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