Premium Stereo Technology for Classic Cars

Restoration of a classic car is usually performed in steps. After you’ve overhauled the drivetrain and made the exterior look perfect, a good next step would be getting passionate about the level of creature comforts you have planned for the interior. How your car sounds is an important aspect of that comfort and we’re not talking about the roar of your engine through the exhaust – we’re talking about entertaining sounds, the kind that should be emanating from your car audio sound system.

Here at Original Parts Group, Inc. (OPGI) we know that our customers have a wide variety of musical tastes, and that’s why OPGI offers a wide variety of custom auto sound solutions. The auto sound industry has come a long way in the last two decades, and the result is the ability to set up the audio system of your dreams inside just about any car. Car audio systems have benefited greatly from the stream of constantly improving technology as most of the components have gotten smaller and more powerful at the same time. This has also allowed designers to create more compact systems that are totally unobtrusive in a classic car.

Although OPGI does not address the “maximum sound pressure” types of audio systems that some audiophiles build to compete for “Most/Loudest Decibels” awards, you can build a boomin’ sound system with OPGI components, and it will look good in your classic car, too.

Custom Autosound stereo head units feature OEM style pushbuttons and knobs along with the car’s brand name or logo.

These days, you can install a state-of-the-art system bristling with power and the latest high-end technology to show off your good taste. Or, like many of our customers, you may want a more understated system that pumps out the high wattage in a more stealthy and stock appearing package. For purists that desire to maintain their car’s vintage-correct appearance, the latest generation of stereo radio/power units from Vintage Car Audio and Custom Autosound USA offer something to fit all of the most popular classic GM cars.

Stereo/Radio head units from Vintage Car Audio allow you to choose from either the 100 Series (100 watts) or 300 Series (200 watts). Both are available with black or chrome faces.

Both Vintage Car Audio and Custom Autosound offer powerful, modern audio components with retro-looks that are easy-to-install, making them perfect for people restoring their own cars. In most cases, the units are custom fit to each vehicle application and look completely original in a classic dashboard setting without requiring any cutting or modification of the car’s original dash. This allows the installation of modern stereo features into a classic car without having to sacrifice the original factory appearance.

         These premium Kenwood dash speakers are designed to fit right into GM A-Body locations without any modifications to the car or the speakers.

Car audio speakers are better than ever today as well. Modern speakers (like the Kenwood units from Vintage Car Audio) utilize the latest technology to deliver tighter bass sounds as well as improved overall clarity when compared to car audio speakers from just a decade ago. You can choose from speakers designed to fit your specific GM A-body factory mounting locations (without modifying your dash) or perhaps choose custom plastic kick panels with pre-cut speaker openings (available with or without the speakers pre-installed).

An iPod Integration Kit will allow hassle-free connection of your iPod or iPhone to nearly any FM radio head unit.

OPGI also offers all of the ancillary accessories necessary to install a modern sound system in your classic car. Antennas, faceplate bezels, speaker assemblies, and mounting brackets all help make installation a hassle-free affair. Adding modern technological interfaces with iPod integration, Bluetooth amplifiers, and remote operational controls is also a snap when you have the right components. You’ll find a wealth of great auto sound options inside every OPGI catalog and on the OPGI website too. For more information on specific applications, availability and pricing, visit or contact an OPGI Sales Representative directly for more details.

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