OPGI Employee Car Spotlight: 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo







It is time to take a look at another Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI) employee–owned GM classic car. This 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo belongs to OPGI Customer Service Representative Robert Fernandez. When Robert is not spending his time working at OPGI, he calls Anaheim, California home, and that’s where he found his Monte back in 1989. Because we know that Robert has about a half-dozen nice cars in total, it is not surprising that his Monte Carlo would be such a clean example. What is a bit surprising however, is that despite owning the car for over a quarter of a century, Robert really didn’t have a lot to say when we asked him about the history of it. As Robert told us, “My car has led a boring and unremarkable life.”

What we did learn about it was that the car was in good shape when he purchased it and Robert spent about $5000 over five years working on it to get it in even better shape. He only drives the car occasionally today. Robert said his car still has the stock 245hp 350 Chevy motor in it, backed by the standard TH350 automatic transmission. The stock drivetrain does breathe and sound a bit better than stock thanks to a MagnaFlow dual exhaust.

The car was already optioned with power windows, power seats, power steering and factory air conditioning, so none of those features had to be added during the restoration. The interior was kept in mostly stock configuration, although it did receive a full refresh and restoration performed by Krystal Koach Inc., an Anaheim-based manufacturer of limousines back in the ’90s when that business still existed (now closed). Robert’s Monte did require some new restoration parts including new trim and moldings, a new vinyl top and new weather stripping all around prior to paint and body work. To complete his Monte Carlo build, Robert sent the car to RJ’s Customs (now in San Diego) for the final body prep and silver paint job. For a car that Robert said “has led a boring life,” it looks like it could be a pretty exciting ride for most fans of classic Chevy iron.

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