2016 Edition 1962-77 Pontiac Grand Prix & 1959-76 Bonneville/Catalina Restoration Parts Catalog

2016 GP (3)

It’s that time of year again, Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI), the industry’s leading supplier and manufacturer of restoration and high-performance parts for classic GM cars since 1982, is pleased to announce the 2016 edition of the 1962-77 Pontiac Grand Prix and 1959-76 Bonneville/Catalina restoration parts catalog—the most comprehensive Pontiac parts resource available anywhere. The new 2016 catalog includes everything you’ll need to restore your classic Pontiac. From interior and body parts to engine parts, sheet metal, bright trim and everything in between, OPGI offers the widest selection and best prices on the highest-quality parts for your classic Pontiac restoration project.

Customers who already have an older OPGI Grand Prix/Bonneville/Catalina catalog will still need the 2016 catalog to keep up with all of the new parts and accessories that have been added within the last year. Each OPGI Restoration Parts Catalog is a comprehensive automotive resource packed with valuable information, helpful tips and insights, making it a valuable restoration tool on its own.

Order your free 2016 catalog today to experience more than 300 full-color pages filled with essential parts and accessories for your 1962-77 Pontiac Grand Prix and 1959-76 Bonneville/Catalina restoration.

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All OPGI catalogs are completely free and available by mail, phone (1-800-243-8355) or through the OPGI website at OPGI.com.

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