Here’s One of the Best Tools For Your Project

If you’re building a project or just working on the one you’ve already built, what could be more indispensable than tools to work with? How about a personal guide that knows every square inch of your car and can show you where everything is and how it all goes together. Service manuals—those big books used in dealerships in the day are those guides, and you’d be almost crazy not to own one for Read more ›

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OPGI Cadillac Spring Summer Series Show–Last One for 2018!

Each one of our five Summer Series shows was unique and presented a few surprises. Our final show featured Cadillac, and while we expected a nice mix of Caddys, the sweet spot was late-1950s-1960s models—especially convertibles. Surprising because ‘verts rusted much quicker since they leaked (even when new) and once the tops rotted they became exposed to the elements. They made fewer convertibles than hardtops and sedans, too. And these have the most trim so they can be difficult to restore without having a complete car to start, or a tall wallet. Read more ›

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Progress! OPGI Project Corvair Monza Spyder Gets Its Engine

Another major milestone in the restoration of the Original Parts Group project 1964 Corvair Monza Spyder was hit when the heart of the convertible was installed. Read more ›

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Project 1964 Corvair Spyder Convertible: Small Tasks, Big Progress

Have you ever done a BIG car project? There is that point where you’re working on it every day spending countless hours but it doesn’t look like anything is going on. You know, running brake lines, wiring, plumbing the gas tank—after a couple of weeks, it doesn’t look like much progress. That’s where we’re at with our project Corvair Spyder convertible we plan on bringing to the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Tom and Doug are moving along fast screwing it all back together, but it’s a little hard to show in pictures. Nonetheless, we’ve included some progress images and even a quick vid of the front end being reunited with the chassis, or more accurately reunited with the body tub. It’s close to getting the engine/transaxle stabb Read more ›

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OPGI’s 2018 Oldsmobile Spring-Summer Show

Dr. Oldsmobile was in the house! Yes, OPGI’s Spring-Summer Series continued with Olds taking center stage. We had around 40 Olds cars come to OPGI August 18, 2018, for the second-to-last installment of our successful Spring-Summer Series. Read more ›

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What’s So Great About Corvair Spyder Engines?

Even to some Corvair experts the Spyder version of the Corvair is a mystery. And since the engine is what makes it different from everyday Corvairs, we can conclude it’s the engine that makes it a mystery. As Original Parts Group is almost ready for final assembly of our 1964 Corvair Spyder convertible, we thought we should at least touch on this mystery engine. So what’s the big deal? Read more ›

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A 1967 Buick GS 400 Funny Car? Really?

Original Parts Group serves all restorers—even 1967 Buick Skylark Funny Car restorers. That’s right. John Lipori owns this crazy Buick-powered 1967 Skylark that his dad built in 1967. It’s the only 1967 GS 400 and only Buick-powered Funny Car ever built. Read more ›

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Finally! Color on Our Project Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible

Our project Corvair Monza Spyder convertible is coming along, and we’re getting excited. We dropped off the rusty body at Elite Restoration in Bellflower, California, and now it has color! The mid-year “Goldwood Yellow” paint is already striking without the clear coat. Read more ›

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Gallery: 2018 Corvair Convention

Over 600 air-cooled Corvairs converged in Pittsburgh for the 48th International Corvair Convention July 23-28, 2018. Since Original Parts Group is getting ready to launch a full line of Corvair parts and components, we thought we’d check out what one of the largest Corvair gatherings was like. Read more ›

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Spring Summer Series: Chevy Show

WOW! What a great addition to our Spring Summer Series. Original Parts Group had over one hundred beautiful Chevys at the third of five brand-specific shows planned for Spring/Summer 2018.

Read more ›

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