2019 Classic Auto Show

Last month Original Parts Group was set up at the Classic Auto Show held this year at the OC Fair and Event Center. The OPGI team brought along two of our most popular rides a 1968 GTO and 1970 Chevelle also known as “The Executive”. Original Parts Group was located in the OC Promenade with a new pop up booth and tons of free parts catalogs for those that stopped by. Read more ›

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Original Parts Group’s 2019 Project Vehicle

When looking for a project car for 2019, the Original Parts Group team didn’t have to go very far, in fact, the vehicle had been awaiting restoration in the OPGI warehouse for several years. Here at OPGI, we do a lot of test fitting to make sure that the products we sell are of optimal fit. To do so, we need cars to test-fit said products on. The 1966 Lemans convertible has been a part of the OPGI collection since the early 2000s and throughout the years, we have used this car to test a variety of OPGI manufactured products, such as headlight bezels, mirrors, convertible top components and more. In Mid-2018, it was proposed that we take this car and turn it into a build that showcases all of the product varieties that OPGI offers, and after much discussion and internal brainstorming, we determined a resto-mod GTO Tribute was the way to go. Read more ›

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The Story of Original Parts Group’s 1966 SS 396 Chevelle

Why the Original Parts Group’s 1966 SS396 Chevelle has so many rare options will forever remain a mystery. When purchased from the proverbial “little old lady” from San Diego, the Chevelle was a real SS 396 originally built with the rare and desirable L34 360hp 396ci option, but what a heap. Rust, missing parts, and body damage made it a project, not for the faint of heart. “It was so bad I didn’t know whether we’d even try to restore it,” says OPGI owner Dave Leonard. “We parked it in the warehouse and went on restoring other, easier cars.” It sat there for years.  Read more ›

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Honoring Our Veterans

Original Parts Group would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the Men and Women who have served and continue to serve our Country. We are not just thankful but also motivated by you. Today OPGI would like to personally thank some special employees who have protected and served.  Read more ›

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Original Parts Group SEMA 2018 Recap

After yet another year, the OPGI team headed back to Las Vegas to display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, better known as SEMA. This year OPGI had a lot of new things to show off including a beautifully restored 1964 Corvair Monza Spyder. Check out the videos below to see more of the show!

Read more ›

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Check It Out! 2018 SEMA Show Gallery; Chevelles, GTOs & More

The 2018 SEMA Show was probably the largest in its history. We scoured the display buildings and outside to show you some of the great GM cars OPGI makes products for. Check out this gallery of some of the finest Chevelles, GTOs, Cads and more in the country at the 2018 SEMA Show from Las Vegas.

Read more ›

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Watch: Project 1964 Corvair Spyder Convertible Top Mechanism Test

It works! The Corvair Spyder convertible top is a separate mechanical system like brakes, air conditioning, or the engine itself, that needs to work at the push of a button. Tom and Doug installed a new electric pump, ram, and lines along with restoring the top bows. With it all hooked up and back together it was time to test, and to circulate and bleed the fluid for proper articulation. Here’s a video of the first test with assistance from Bob. Read more ›

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Watch: Project 1964 Corvair Spyder Convertible First Engine Fire Up

A lot of progress has put the OPGI 1964 Corvair Monza Spyder within completion for its debut at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas the end of this month. With the engine all hooked up Doug and Tom fired it for the first time which you can watch here. They have since discovered a small gas leak and malfunctioning coil needed correction before fine-tuning and adjusting the valves. Still, it fired up and right on schedule.

The small pieces of blue tape scattered around the body are small paint imperfection identification as the Corvair was headed back to the paint shop Read more ›

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Here’s One of the Best Tools For Your Project

If you’re building a project or just working on the one you’ve already built, what could be more indispensable than tools to work with? How about a personal guide that knows every square inch of your car and can show you where everything is and how it all goes together. Service manuals—those big books used in dealerships in the day are those guides, and you’d be almost crazy not to own one for Read more ›

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OPGI Cadillac Spring Summer Series Show–Last One for 2018!

Each one of our five Summer Series shows was unique and presented a few surprises. Our final show featured Cadillac, and while we expected a nice mix of Caddys, the sweet spot was late-1950s-1960s models—especially convertibles. Surprising because ‘verts rusted much quicker since they leaked (even when new) and once the tops rotted they became exposed to the elements. They made fewer convertibles than hardtops and sedans, too. And these have the most trim so they can be difficult to restore without having a complete car to start, or a tall wallet. Read more ›

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