SEMA 2017: Show Highlights

There’s no doubt that there were countless cool cars at the 2017 SEMA show. Ranging from mild to wild, many of the classic GM cars that were on display throughout the show were built using OPGI parts. Take a look at the following cars that wow’d thousands of people during SEMA week.

OPGI sponsored Scott VanBuskirk’s custom 1968 El Camino on display at the TMI booth. Read more ›

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SEMA 2017: OPGI Returns to SEMA

Since 1982, Original Parts Group, Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing and retailing the finest quality GM restoration parts and accessories in the industry. This year at the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, OPGI made headlines with their brand new booth and the two pristine muscle cars they brought along to go with it. Read more ›

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Cassie Nunes and her ’68 Chevelle

Story: Tony Colombini, Photos: Brokken Images

I saw this Chevelle while cruisin’ on Instagram. The pics from Brokken Images caught my eye and my heart as I remembered the ’68 Chevelle I owned before the owner of this particular Chevelle was even born.

Cassie Nunes is a young lady who has been wrenchin’ in the garage with her dad Ernie since she was able to wrap her fingers around a wrench. She recalls that it was never a chore but good times that she thoroughly enjoyed. It was like watching a master at his craft and great father/daughter bonding time. Ernie has been working on cars since he was 15 and owns Conejo Auto Repair Services (C.A.R.S.) in Southern California. Read more ›

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SEMA Show 2017 – OPGI’s New Look

Original Parts Group, Inc. (OPGI) is once again preparing to attend the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show held each November in Las Vegas, Nevada. Celebrating over 35 years of manufacturing and retailing GM restoration parts and accessories, as well as several decades as a displaying manufacturer at the SEMA Show, OPGI will mark this year’s attendance with an all-new, upgraded presence for 2017. Working with Flair Exhibits & Displays on the 2017 booth, OPGI decided that the all-new design will reflect the company’s 2017 restoration parts campaign “Let’s Do This” and lend the booth a fitting “garage” type theme. Read more ›

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Dream Giveaway Chevelle

Here ‘ya go Chevelle fans. Here’s your chance to win a completely restored 1970 big-block Chevelle Super Sport! Original Parts Group, Inc. (OPGI) has teamed up with to create a one-of-a-kind contest that will present this immaculate Chevelle as the prize. What’s the catch you ask? Well, there is no “catch” here, really. The car is totally legitimate and the contest/giveaway is, too. The only downside is that there will probably be a whole lot of people attempting to win the same prize. At just $3 per donation, we would guess there will be thousands of entries! Especially when you consider the fact that the money raised will go to benefit worthwhile charities. Read more ›

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Now Available! New Parts for Classic Cadillacs

More than just another General Motors (GM) brand, over the last 50 years the Cadillac nameplate has become synonymous with the highest possible levels of style, luxury and quality in the automotive marketplace. While other top tier automakers like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes (and others) have long shared domination of the European marketplace, here in the United States Cadillac stands alone at the top of the hill. Read more ›

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Get a Handle On It – Door Handles, Mirrors and More

Original door handles and exterior mirrors are components that are always exposed to the elements and as a result, they often look far more battered and worn than the rest of your classic GM car, especially if the final paint and body work has already been completed. Interior door handles, window cranks and mirrors can take a lot of abuse too, and they can also look pretty worn out inside an otherwise immaculately restored interior. Although preserving original General Motors (GM) parts can be important to the originality of a restoration, brand new old stock factory replacement parts like handles and mirrors are simply not available anymore. Please note – the examples here are for Chevelle. You can select your year, make and model easily at Read more ›

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Stop & Turn: Brake & Suspension Mods

When Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI) started working with the guys from HOT ROD Garage on the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 tribute car known as “The Executive Chevelle,” the project broke new ground. The Chevelle was built from the start as a modified car using aftermarket parts and as such was the first vehicle in the OPGI fleet that was not built out as a 100%, factory-spec restoration. At the time, the stated purpose of the project was “To create a car that has the clean look of a 1970’s muscle car on the outside with modern power and reliability hidden inside.” If you think about it, that statement could be true for most classic car projects, as the owners want to retain the looks and style of the old days in cars that feature enough “modern performance” to keep up with today’s traffic and road conditions. The only problem with that balance is that the standard of performance today is pretty high, and the bar keeps getting higher. While yesterday’s V-8 powered muscle car classics still have plenty of power to keep up with modern traffic, their ability to stop and turn is a different matter entirely. Read more ›

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Premium Stereo Technology for Classic Cars

Restoration of a classic car is usually performed in steps. After you’ve overhauled the drivetrain and made the exterior look perfect, a good next step would be getting passionate about the level of creature comforts you have planned for the interior. How your car sounds is an important aspect of that comfort and we’re not talking about the roar of your engine through the exhaust – we’re talking about entertaining sounds, the kind that should be emanating from your car audio sound system. Read more ›

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OPGI’s 5 Top Tech Tips: Weatherstripping

Everyone knows that new weatherstripping can tighten up the fit and sealing of a vehicle’s doors, windows and trunk (and more) to make the overall driving experience quieter, cleaner and more comfortable. What fewer people seem to recognize is just how much extra noise (and extra fumes!) we are bombarded with during every day driving. Drivers seem to ignore the fact that the seals on the body of the car can slowly age to the point of total deterioration as a car gets older, and when you’re dealing with classic cars, it is pretty much guaranteed that you’ll need new weatherstripping at some point in the restoration process. Read more ›

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